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This is Fishtown will be popping up in theatres, art galleries, arts festivals and town centres all over the UK throughout 2020 and beyond. Follow Puppets4Peas on instagram to get up-to the minute tourist information.


present & future events

This is Fishtown.... dates to be announced 

previous Fishtown events



The Garden of Oddities

Horsforth Walk of Art 6th/7th July 2019

Featuring animated components of This is Fishtown



painting watercolour portraits in torrential rain is not easy. A commission from 'River is the Venue' Bath in 2018. Seen in Bath, Leeds and Amsterdam

Mr Gilbert's Existential Petshop

Special offer - dead fish only £2


events that happened before Fishtown became Fishtown



Welcome Back to Octoville

44AD Artspace Bath

Welcome to Octoville

A load of old Stuff and Nonsense