An imaginative world of play and discovery!


Fish Town is:

  • a life size automata

  • an art installation

  • a playful space

  • a relaxing space

  • a thinking and dreaming space


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Fishtown is full of mysteries. We made it and we don't know what it all means. That's the fun of Fishtown. You don't need to know what the story is. It's an eccentric series of unusual animated objects which are designed to fire your imagination.  


This is Fish Town was created for adults and children to explore together. Visitors of all ages are invited to engage with the installation in non prescriptive, non linear ways. The space is brimming with interactive features, animated structures, puppets to operate, music, dressing up, drawing tables etc. There even places to sit just to soak it all up. 


This is Fishtown was conceived and curated by Mr Marc Parrett.


The project began life 7 years ago as an animated exhibition of puppets but over time a story, characters and curious new devices started to evolve.


Welcome to Octoville (as it was originally titled) asked visitors to suggest ways to improve the expanding aquatic metropolis. Some ideas stuck to the walls, some even stuck to the story. Other ideas came and went with the tide. A few visitors went home and made Octovilles of their own.


The Arts Council unexpectedly 

provided a grant in 2015 to aid the development and tour of the exhibition and in 2018 Octoville finally became Fishtown (after it catastrophically sank).

Think of Fishtown as a symphony of mislaid objects and inconsistent ideologies. Feel free to try and make sense of it all, or maybe just give up and go with the flow?