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Welcome to an 'underwater' 

world of 

discovery, creativity and stuff



this is fishtown...


would you like some relaxing fishtown music? 

2 years ago the parochial, land locked town of Octoville inexplicably sank to the bottom of the sea.


In the aftermath of 'The Great Flushing', as it became known, the bamboozled citizens held a series of urgent committee meetings to figure out what to do next. Certain industrious persons suggested inflating a thousand shopping bags to help re-float the town. The residents of Percival Street didn't even attend the meetings. They just went off in a huff and were last seen paddling towards Denmark. Eventually, pretty much everyone decided to grit their teeth, roll up their sleeves and get on with living on the seabed. 


"it's just like the good old days.. you know, before we sprouted toes and all that. Hoorah!"


Overnight Octoville was renamed 'Fishtown', in a frankly ill conceived attempt to jump start some sort of tourist industry. Newly appointed Mayor Mr Harold J Gobsworth declared that they'd never had it so good and everyone got on with building underwater roads, diving gear retail parks and out-of-town submersible cinemas. 


Meanwhile, on the other side of the reef, the cephalopods and bivalves were livid. As far as they were concerned life had been going fine until these obtuse mammalian refugees arrived and started reclaiming the ocean as their own.


And so the story continues....


This is Fishtown was conceived and curated by Mr Marc Parrett - Artistic Producer of Puppets for Peas.


The project began life 7 years ago as an animated exhibition of puppets but over time a story, characters and curious new devices started to evolve.  

Welcome to Octoville (as it used to be known) asked visitors to suggest ways to improve the expanding aquatic metropolis. Some ideas stuck to the walls, some even stuck to the story. Other ideas came and went with the tide. A few visitors went home and made Octovilles of their own.


The Arts Council unexpectedly provided a grant in 2015 to aid the development and tour of the exhibition and in 2018 Octoville finally became Fishtown (after it catastrophically sank).

Think of Fishtown as a symphony of mislaid objects and inconsistent ideologies. Feel free to try and make sense of it all, or maybe just give up and go with the flow?